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The diagnostic experts at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital–Milton use medical X-rays to image and identify bony and soft tissue structures. Diagnostic X-ray is the most common medical use of X-ray.

Diagnostic X-ray examines the body using basic X-ray techniques. These X-ray images can be either:

  • Radiographs (still images)
  • Fluoroscopy (real-time images)

Fluoroscopy uses X-rays with video cameras so the imaging also captures internal motion.

There are many types of X-ray exams and most don’t require any special preparation. If you need to take any special steps in advance, your X-ray appointment will be scheduled ahead of time so that you can prepare.

X-ray With Contrast

Some X-ray exams use a contrast material that better outlines structures on the image. If needed, you’ll be asked to drink this contrast or receive it as an intravenous (IV) injection.

X-ray Imaging Safety

We use extreme care during all X-ray procedures to ensure the lowest possible dose of radiation without compromising image quality.

Conditions We Treat

Your BID Milton provider may recommend an X-ray to help diagnose your health condition. You may need an X-ray if you have a condition affecting any of these areas of your body:

  • Bones
  • Internal organs
  • Joints
  • Lungs

Services & Specialties

Providers from departments across BID Milton may order X-rays as part of your diagnosis or treatment plan. We collaborate with these teams to help get you on your way to improved health.