Gynecologic Oncology

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Compassionate Care for Females with Cancer

Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital–Milton offers the most advanced diagnosis and treatment options available. We treat all types of cancers that affect the female reproductive system, including:

  • Cervical cancer 
  • Endometrial cancer  
  • Ovarian cancer 
  • Uterine cancer  
  • Vaginal cancer 

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Treatments We Offer

We have access to the latest in research-backed treatments for gynecologic cancers. When possible, your gynecologic oncologist will use minimally invasive treatments for less scarring, shorter downtime and better outcomes. Some of the treatments we offer include:

  • Fertility sparing cancer treatments
  • Minimally invasive robotic-assisted surgery
  • Laparoscopic surgery
  • Surgical debulking of ovarian cancer
  • Surgical treatment of endometrial cancer