Weight Loss Surgery

Making an Appointment

New Patients

To be considered for surgery you must meet the eligibility criteria. This process is a series of appointments in which you meet members of our team, including a nurse, a medical doctor, a dietitian, a social worker, and one of the surgeons. The screening process is to ensure that weight loss surgery is the best solution for your health. To initiate the screening process start by:

  • Attending a free information session and/or view the online Webinar.
  • Checking your insurance policy for requirements and coverage of weight loss surgery.
  • Once you have completed these steps, or if you have any questions, please call us at 617-313-1440

In Preparation for Your First Visit

We encourage you to invite a family member or trusted friend to your first appointment.  In fact, we welcome a loved one at most appointments to help you as you gather information about your health and treatment. Remember to bring a list of any questions you have for the Weight Loss Surgery Team, and a notebook so you can jot down information.

Post-operative Patients

Please call our main line 617-313-1440 and one of our program administrative assistants will help you.